King's Bounty. The Legend

King's Bounty. The Legend 1.63

King's Bounty: The Legend is a Real-time / Turn-based Strategy with RPG elements
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Katauri Interactive

King´s Bounty The legend is a role play game developed by Katauri Interactive.
This is a game that mixes a medieval world of fantasy and role-playing game.
In a kingdom that had everything you should have: peace, happiness and prosperity, the King did not have children, then they prayed to the gods to give them that blessing. The King had a baby but the enemies threatened the kingdom.
You will be able to choose between three characters: a warrior, a mage or a paladin - a mix of the other two. Of course, your abilities will be different: if you choose the warrior you will have strength attributes, but if you choose mage your weapon will be the magical spells, and the paladin has both.

The novelty is that when you go to battle a map is opened and you will see that the units under your control fight against your enemy units. In addition, as you complete your missions you will be able to have more experience, abilities and spells.

Sound and graphics.
The scenarios are very good as well as the graphics. The sound effects are good but the soundtrack is repetitive.

To sum up, this is very good game you will enjoy it.

María Noel Balla
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